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the yoga guide

start with yoga or deepen your practice with our guide including free yoga videos

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Do you want to start doing yoga, but are you overwhelmed by the many possibilities?

We've put together a yoga guide which introduces you to yoga and helps you make your first steps on your yoga journey!
The guide offers advice on:

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yoga styles

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online yoga classes

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foundational poses

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yoga philosophy

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"I feel so grateful that I get to spread the joy of yoga with other people!"

- Alice Avery (yoga teacher)

About us

yoga- and fitness instructor Alice Avery from Bodhiac in printed pure by luce leggings

Bodhiac is a digital platform for yoga, fitness and mindfulness. We offer high-quality video classes for all bodies and levels: short quickies, longer classes, different types of yoga, HIIT, dance cardio, boot camp, boxing, mindfulness with guided meditations, breathing sessions, mind workouts... In other words: you won't get bored there. Bodhiac's head coach is Alice Avery, but there are also several classes taught by guest coaches to offer you some different teaching styles.

Alice Avery is a yoga and fitness instructor, co-founder of Bodhiac, singer-songwriter, actor and presenter. With certificates from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and a 200h yoga teacher training, Alice loves to combine technique with an uplifting and fun approach to teaching. She wants people to enjoy moving their bodies and discover its positive effects on both their physical and mental health.

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Pure by luce is a travel-inspired, sustainable activewear brand for the sporty, conscious and stylish.

We've got a crush on the world. We create our signature prints together with international artists we meet on our travels. Designing each collection, we collaborate with local talent from a new inspiration country to create prints that take you on exotic and feel-good journeys. Discover our collections inspired by Mexico, South Africa and Morocco.

Each sportswear garment is made from durable European materials and sewn in ethically managed factories in Portugal. We test our limits and offer a line of activewear made for exactly that purpose. As such, we want to empower not only those who design, make and wear our activewear but also our planet.

We cheer you to share your power.

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